Web Ticket Reservation Form


The special tickets needed Web reservation are sold out, but you can still join the party.

Please read below. We are looking forward for your coming at the night of Dec.3-4!

Thank you!!

The casts’ introduction will be translated into English soon. Please wait for a while.




《born yesterday》

2010.12.03 All night @ VooDoo

Please click the ticket icon blow to reserve a advantageous pass to enter the party night.

A new window comes up, then you can

1. chose <Reserve> or <Cancel>

2. type your name (or nickname)

3. type pass words

4. type your Email address to which we will send confirm of your reservation or cancel.

5. type your Email address again to verify your Email address.


*You will NOT meet payments on the ticket here. This reservation is only concerning with your due to come into the party with 1 drink ticket and the special limited goods for this party. Any payments will be at the night of the party, Dec.3rd-4th.

*2 and 3 above will be used as I.D. at the entrance so that please save Email from us after you will reserve a web ticket as substitution of jotting down what you type here.

*We will send you back the reconfirmation at least within a couple of days. If you do not get it more than 3 days after you make web reservation,  please contact us here: 1203bornyesterday [at] gmail.com



If you have any question, please Email us here as well; 1203bornyesterday [at] gmail.com

Thank you for using our experimental ticket reservation form.

We are looking forward your visiting on Dec.3rd to 4th at noise bar VooDoo.



DJ tomad, okadada, three meters right above, Limited tosschoochoogatagotodoremimateHypnotic inccharlot, ynbr(hecticPOSSE, L4B), kamoss, 地雷(G-BASS, 初期化-INITIALIZE-)[Jirai (G-BASS,shokika-INITIALIZE-)]

VJ lisglitch


ILLUSTLATING ARTIST 梅沢和木(梅ラボ)[Kazuki UMEZAWA (Umelabo)]

ANIMATORS  点colors (佐藤志都穂・坂本光) [ten colors (Shizuho SATO・Hikaru SAKAMOTO)]