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is the 21-years-old president directing over the internet music label “Maltine Records“.  He has started DJ playing laptop computer and widened his range of activity in various cultural and artistic spheres since 2006.  Some of his main careers  are “KAIKOO POPWAVE FASTIVAL’10” hold in this April and “DENPA” [about “DENPA”] . Above and beyond those, he is outstanding as his organizing club parties invited Kanji Kinetic from UK. You may find him in the mass media from magazines to diverse web sites. Web:


is a exceptional DJ and producer who appears mainly in Osaka, Kansai while having released his sounds from Maltine Records. His main careers is culled for the compilation album “Chill SQ“,  a record label “Node” and DJ Mega-Mix Best by Fantastic Plastic Machine while remixing sounds of an idols “Shiritsuebichugaku” also known as “King of Gakugeeeeka” , Yumemi Nemu and Infumikumiai etc.

three meters right above

is a producer performing his musical works in Kyoto, bringing such the sounds as downtempo breakbeats.  His main careers is “on the shady side of the street” released from Maltine Records in 2010. He has been also created attractive mash-ups as a name of imdkm.

Limited toss

Vol.4 Records


Vol.4 Records 


Vol.4 Records 

Hypnotic inc.

Vol.4 Records 


Vol.4 Records 

ynbr(hecticPOSSE, L4B)

has been in full activity of DJ with computer. Catching up the exquisite sounds from Internet-Access-worlds, he will be rock, sway and vibrate you with his play. He regularly appears on the stages of house music party – L4B, at the house music bar speas MUSE in Umeda, Osaka.


was born in 1988. Since 2008, he has shown his ability in DJ within the club activities of “L@bel” that is primarily administered by students of Ritsumeikan University. His works around Kiyamachi, Kyoto as well as in Tokushima where he is from, is still broadened nowadays. HIPHOP and all the sounds concerning with it is all his forte.


is DJ, organizer and representative a label “G-BASS” which holds DJs and VJs as releasing their sounds or organizing club parties mainly in Kyoto. Hardcore, Dubstep, House, Techno Japanese popular music, Animesong and all that are his speciality. Web



is a live perfor麋nce unit consisting 촱f ㇥ members — a visual irector Takuya HOSOGANE [細金䉌矢], a manager ㋤f fireproofing Makiko TAKAHASHI [高橋真希子] and a computer 鄆rogramme틵 Keiichi YOSHIKAWA[吉川佳一]. They think the world of lightness while feel dⷃ㿝p affection for deli美しious扦.


Nao NISHIHARA[西原尚]〈sound art〉

was born in 1976 and nurtured in different places including Kyoto. He is making a study of sounds and recently filled the role of a translator for the book “SOUNT ART” published by Film Art publishing company.

Ryuhei FUJITA [藤田龍平] 〈drawing and painting〉

was born in 1979 and is now resident in YOKOSUKA. Some of his works in progress were in charge of the fine arts in “Noge ni CHIGUSA ga atta” [野毛にちぐさがあった] in “INVITATION to OPEN YOKOHAMA 2010”  and taking “Nakajima-heretic-residence” [旧中嶋異端人邸] to pieces.

Aquiles HADJIS 〈sound and visual art〉

is half Venezuelan and half Greek, born in 1981, Maracaibo of the Republic of Venezuela.  He has began to concern with art and play an electric guitar since 1994, entered LUZ university and Julio Vengoechea to learn photography and graphic design in 1998. After being graduated from there in 2005 beyound suspicion, He is now a student in Tokyo Art University majoring Japanese Painting.

Kazuki UMEZAWA [Umelabo]


TENcolors [点colors]

is composed of Hikaru SAKAMOTO [坂本光] and Shizuho SATO [佐藤志都穂], and creating any kinds of visual films. The unit’s main careers  and awards are the section of visual arts of “KONICA MINOLTA eco & art award 2010” , being invited to “Art Re-public tokyo” in Shibuya, Tokyo and also the art event “PERFECT PARKS”  by BEAMS. You can see their latest work exhibited in TOKYO CULTuART by BEAMS by Dec.7th, 2010.

Shizuho SATO

is also creates are works individually. Her film “The Taste of Imaginary Friends” won a grand prize of ANIME section from the 22nd “Tokyo Student Film Festival” . She also offered a film for “911childlen” . Web: